Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buy your Friends at Usocial

 A company called Usocial will let you buy your friends and followers in bulk.

Yes, for $87 you can buy 1000 Twitter followers or for $197 1000 Facebook friends, not bad less than .20 cents a friend, and much cheaper than buying friends at your local campus bar during dollar drink night.

So I was thinking of alternative ways they can advertise and sell their product.

Are you a talentless Hollywood reality star who wants to prove that other people really care what you think? Well, now this is your chance by showing them that you have thousands of Twitter followers who pretend to care.

Or when you're arrested for being a serial killer do you want to be like the others and hear the police and your neighbors saying, he was a quite loner who kept to himself.   No, then prepare and prove them wrong with your countless Facebook friends from around the world.

But wait, if you act in the next 30 minutes we can double your order of friends at no additional cost. Because think about it, your real life friends may be cheap, but these ones are cheaper, and they won't borrow your stuff or steal your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Frustration with school

Haven't been posting about school lately because frankly I'm not liking it. Between the PowerPoint presentation and final papers I would rather be doing than just about anything else, including cleaning up incontinent, confused and restrained patients.

Plus, an instructor who I used to think was wonderful, has transformed into one of the biggest bitches in my life, which is saying a lot.

As nurses you are always told to leave you personal issues at the door, and I understand that we all have bad days from time to time. But, to our detriment her bad days and personal problems have lasted for months now and were tired of hearing about it.

Amendment 3/27: Sorry I usually don't like to read about others complaining and I did the exact same thing :(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exercise, Sex Can Boost Heart Attack Risk

that was the headline on WebMd today.

Well, eff me I was going to start exercising tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Makes me wonder....

Am I strange because the rest of the planet uses Facebook and I don't? I have no desire to collect more friends I will never meet.

As I get older isn't eating preservatives a good thing?

Why do we label people?

Now with cell/smart phones I can't remember phone numbers.

I wonder why doctors are the worst at washing their hand before going into patient rooms?

A woman leaving Target the other day with one shopping bag and she stops a foot from the double doors, looks around and walks to the right so she could use the automatic ones.

If you can't text and walk, what makes you think you can text and drive?

Why many medical centers employ more people in the billing and collects department than they do doctors.

And thanks for the shout out today Estelle at Word Lust, you don't make me wonder, well maybe a little.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I think I know this patient

I don't know why but I have to click & pull the play button back a few seconds to hear the audio.

Local Media Hype

First, let me say that what happened in Japan was horribly sad and people should help if they can.

I don't understand the local media; although you would think living in the Midwest I would be immune to all the hype they portray. It was kind of a strange phenomenon that we used to joke about at work, and any chance a TV stations got they would break away from programming to tell us about a thunder or snow storm. Even if there wasn't a tornado, but conditions were ripe for one, it was like the start of the Apocalypse with their maps, radar and news trucks.

However, most people would continue golfing, fishing or gardening until trees started to fall around them, because this was the upper Midwest and conditions were always ripe for bad weather. It's kind of like saying it might be overcast and misty in Seattle, newsflash it's always overcast and misty in Seattle.

So today I witnessed this type of reporting here in the Bay Area. The media is like that friend who wants to make everything about them or put a local twist on it. Most people know of Chinatown, with the largest Chinese community outside of Asia, but there is also Japantown. In fact over 30 percent of the city of San Francisco is made up of Asian people. So instead of reporting about what was going on in Japan they had to tie-in some local hardships.

From their news helicopters and vans they showed the marina with the boats getting tossed around, but then not being dramatic or emotional enough someone must've decided it was a good idea to take their vans to Japantown and find distraught relatives. It was sad, instead of preying on those hurting how about telling us what we can do to help.

No wonder people feel depressed after watching the news.

Japantown (

Monday, March 7, 2011

Eeyore needs Prozac

Your mind wanders when you're doing research papers for hours on end, and I thought about how as a child I had a stuffed Pooh and Eeyore, and I always liked Eeyore the best. However, these days I'm surprised they haven't said Eeyore is not a good toy for children because he suffers from depression.

  Then again maybe Pooh's inability to stay focused and he would be diagnosed with ADHD and they would recommend Ritalin or Adderall.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Should have been a Veterinarian or Marine Biologist

I ran across this blog about someone training to become a marine biologist and seeing the pictures of the animals and being able to work outdoors while breathing fresh air made me think, I should have done that. Guaranteed the next time I am assisting my aid with cleaning up a patient with c-diff I will be thinking of that fresh air.
You could find a hundred ways to compare human and animal patients, but that wouldn't be fair to the humans.

Growing up I was fortunate in that we always had animals and I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors. Then as a teenager I spent 18 months working for a veterinarian, because I thought that was the field I would pursue.
However, life happens and time passes fast; then you go into an occupation that you know is stable and will always be needed.

After graduation maybe I can find a place of employment that affords us a little hobby farm with some goats and chickens or we can adopt abused animals. Plus coming home to animals after working with people all day would also be a great stress reliever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

*&#@+#$ Computer Virus

The last few weeks of the quarter and here I sit in the schools computer lab, because my computer is with the Geek Squad at Best Buy. So let me thank the low-life piece of shit who's big contributes to society is using up oxygen and inventing  #*+&@^# computer viruses. You're smart enough to mess with millions of people's computers, so why not instead try to do something useful with your life.

It's been five days so I stopped in to ask how things were going and the woman said to me it was post-op and would be ready tomorrow.  Post-op I said as she looked at me and explained, all the systems had been worked on and they would run a diagnostic test over night.

I thought it was kind of cool how different terminology intermingles into different professions. Pre and Post op were probably military terms before medicine adopted them. So not only can my computer catch a virus that can spread and needs to be operated on, but it can get worms and a Trojan horse. Now don't think of a horse wearing a Trojan, that's a different website. Alright back to work so I can get out of here.